365 Days of Branding – Day 6: Live Networking to Build Your Brand, by Branding Expert, Libby GIll

Branding and Live Events. One thing I like to remind those I coach is that your brand goes with you everywhere, every day. Live networking events provide a great opportunity for you to bring your brand face-to-face to your best potential clients. An amazing new twist on live networking events is an online social network called Meetup Groups. Meetup is a great way to very effectively brand yourself and your company. It is an online portal where participants gather and meet at live local or regional events. There are Meetup groups for parents and kids who do fun stuff together (like planning an outing for pumpkin picking). There are Meetups for those interested in investing. There are health and wellness Meetups, cooking Meetups, hiking Meetups – and they get pretty darned specific. You can probably find a Meetup in your area for women executives in the food and beverage business who wear braces!  (And hey, if you DON’T find a Meetup that fits your niche, by all means start one.)  So here’s the REAL reason I want to turn you on to Meetup Groups. You can literally start a group where your BEST clients would be found. 

Today, to celebrate day 6 of 365 Days of Branding, here’s the 1-2-3 on using Meetup.com to put your best branded image out there and attract your best market share, face to face.

Step 1. Profile: Once you sign up for Meetup.com, you’ll be asked a host of questions to help you define yourself. This is an amazing opportunity to brand brand brand!  Fill out your profile completely, including interests, keywords, bio, etc., etc. Don’t miss even one piece of information that would proclaim your unique authentic value and attract your market share.

Step 2. Joining Groups: Go ahead!  Join a few groups and attend an event. (You’ll see a big box at the top left of the page that says “Find a Meetup Group.”) Each group you join will ask you to introduce yourself. Don’t miss that chance to brand yourself to the other members of the group – and always have a great picture ready to upload.

Step 3. Start a Group: It’s very easy to actually start and run a group and successfully brand yourself, as long as your brand is solidly defined before you start. Your group is actually announced using your branded identity! (Remember t­hose areas of interest you were asked to fill out in your profile? Well those are used like keywords when you start your own group.)  Meetup will invite to anyone who’s used those keywords within your region. You can also set up an autoresponder to welcome new members who join your group and share a brief bio, product and corporate information, and where to find you (ie, website, social networks, etc., etc.).

So that’s it! ­Remember on Meetup and ALL your social networks to make sure that your actions, products, website, your logo and language are all in synchronicity and literally speak for your brand and feature your Authentic Uniqueness at every turn. Tune in tomorrow to learn how to continue your everyday effort, to set yourself apart from the competition and appeal to your best clients, just by being you! If you’re in a hurry and don’t have a year to digest and implement your brand one tip at a time, definitely grab my 1-Day Web Makeover DVD series. You can find it at http://libbygill.com/store

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