American Idol – A Branding Sensation Worth Commentary as 2010 Comes to a Close

When I look at the last ten years, when it comes to branding, one of the sensations of the last decade is definitely American Idol.  I must admit to being a latecomer to the AI party, but now it’s absolutely appointment viewing for me.  What I find so fascinating about this competition is that we get to watch the singers hone their unique style right in front of us, literally. It’s exactly what you need to do to build your authentic brand.  When the Idols are able to distill their essence down to its purest form, they are absolutely at their best.  Just think about last year’s contest: boy-next-door crooner Chris versus wild and controversial Adam.  Imagine them trying to reverse roles – it couldn’t be done.  By bringing forward the most unique and compelling parts of their onstage personas (although you gotta’ admit that Adam was just a tad more unique), they put their best selves forward and deliver on their authentic brand promise.

It’s no different for you and your brand.  Branding is not about trying to invent an image just because it feels new or different.  It’s about articulating your brand promise, that is, the value you will consistently provide to your customer.  Then establishing your brand personality, or the manner in which you will uniquely deliver on that promise.  After all, there’s only one of you!

Libby Gill Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker

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