Band-Aid Branding - By Branding Expert Libby Gill

Today I have a quick observation I wanted to share with you all.  Yesterday, walking along on a beautiful cobblestoned Italian street, an American family was walking in front of us -- faster than you could blink an eye, they're little daughter tripped and skinned up her knees.  The mom then began a search for the only thing her little girl wanted, a Band Aid.  Why do I capitalize Band Aid?  Because it's actually a brand name of a bandage company.  Those little bandages we use are not necessarily Band Aids.  Only those made by the Band Aid company are theirs.  That company has done such a marvelous job, that moms and kids everywhere use the name of the manufacturer as the name of the PRODUCT. Today, I have a small, simply assignment for you all.  Stop and ask yourself, is my company's name even remotely tied to my product or service?

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