Branding, Brick by Brick – by Branding Expert Libby Gill

Today is day three! Three days of beginning a year-long discussion on branding – what it is, why it’s important and how to create (and achieve) a successful branding – or REbranding campaign. As you think about the building blocks of your business, think of your brand as your foundation. Once your branded identity is solidly in place, you can build a multi-level edifice, filled with a variety of products, services and solutions that will appeal to your best clients. Without it, although you may have a profound array of opportunities available, it’s likely that your best connections and clients won’t recognize your unique authentic value in all the noise. Simply imagine trying to build any structure without a foundation – sooner or later, it will surely collapse. So wherever you are in your business or professional life cycle, considering your brand on a quarterly or semi-annual basis is vital in order to build your audience and customer base.

So, for the next 363 days, we are going to talk about branding blocks, rather than building blocks. Each brick in your brand will help you create a more solid and recognizable identity in your niche (i.e., your neighborhood). And along the way, we’ll discuss setting sign posts and maps, branded to you, to help your clients find their way (for instance, killer profiles on social media and guest blogging for experts in your field).

Which brings me to this week’s Branding Block Tip:  Be sure to always feature your ABC’s:

Authentic Uniqueness Brick-by-Brick Branding Credibility Builders

We’ll talk more about these ABC’s throughout the rest of the month, and I’ll make some recommendations on how you can begin that process (if you have not already) and use brick-by-brick branding to strengthen your foundation and more effectively 'capture the mindshare' so you can capture your market share.

Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker

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