Did You Know Your Brand Could Be Driving Business Away?

If the strength of your brand is bringing you new business every day and, especially if it’s getting you the dollar value you deserve, don’t bother to read any further. You don’t need me. But if you've got your head in the sand and refuse to take a look at what others see when they look at your brand, I can help. I'm going to let you in on the three biggest branding mistakes that business owners make so you never make those mistakes again.

In fact, I want to show you how to fire up your brand to attract new customers and turn your current customers into brand evangelists for your business. Join me on Thursday, November 12 for a free teleseminar on the Three Ways Your Brand is Driving Business Away.

I’ve built brands for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, non-profits, studios, and celebrities. In fact, I was recruited by Paramount to lead the team that launched the Dr. Phil Show brand. And I can help you.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out what some of my clients have to say about working with me…

“Libby Gill is one of those people who gets it.” -Dr. Phil

“In just one session, Libby gave me thousands of dollars of branding ideas. I can’t wait to implement her suggestions!  I’m sure my business will increase tenfold using her techniques.” -Alexandra Coulter, Founder and Chief Writing Officer, UpWrite Words

“Libby is dead on with her assessments and insight into brand development. She quickly identified key areas my company could improve and gave us a clear set of steps we could use to progress rapidly. I’m already seeing results of our improved message and focus.” -Dave Crenshaw, Productivity Coach & Bestselling Author

“Libby's expertise has been invaluable. Affordable and right on target, the best business development expense I've ever incurred!" -Merri Beth Gibson, COO, DoseGuardian.com

“Thanks to Libby’s Branding telecourse, I revamped the brand message and call-to-action on my website. We were able to see results almost immediately and have been very happy with all the responses we have gotten! Even though we’re a regional business, we’re getting calls from all over the country.” -Kathy Sexton, Richmond Premier Staffing, Inc.

“Libby’s coaching helped turn my vision into a reality of a book and my book into a brand!” -Shela Dean, Author of Frequent Foreplay Miles: Your Ticket to Total Intimacy

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