Shifting Your Brand - A Must, or a Bust?

Here's the thing about branding - you can definitely feel trapped by the message you create.  So what has to happen if you decide to build something new or create another, ancillary product, service or expertise?  To begin with, you have to change your verbiage to embrace everything new. That means your elevator pitch, your mission statement, your white pages and most of all, your website. Having a clear language around who you are and what you do (now, with the new pieces falling into place) is a non-negotiable.  As a Brand Strategist, I have worked with many clients who pour tons of money into poorly branded shifts in their business -- only to have to come back and do it over later -- sometimes more than once.

If you are using 2011 as a road to the new you, as a business or as a service provider, invest carefully of your time and money to get your branding blocks solidly put into place.  Just like when you first launched your company, a brand shift must be clearly thought out and carefully executed.

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Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker