The 1-2-3 Tangible Steps to a Brand Shift

All week long, I've been writing about creating a successful brand shift. For a brief moment I want to talk about WHY adjusting your brand might be necessary. To begin with, a diverse menu of products and / or services will certainly make you more appealing to more people.  But that must be coupled with knowing that you can never be all things to all people.  So while you may be accentuating or shifting, remember to still stay focused on your unique expertise. Only then can you stay ahead of the pack and stand out in the herd. Now, on to the 1-2-3.

Number One. If you've worked with a great coach (like me, if I do say so myself), and you've built a solid plan around what your adding to your repertoire and how you will get the message out, then just get started!  Be sure to hit all of your social media platforms and change your profiles. Missing that key step is simply a missed opportunity to showcase yourself and declare your brand to the world.

Number Two. Make an announcement!  Get your "new and improved" brand in front of your existing customers -- and proclaim it to your potential customers. Remember, you've added something new, and you have to adjust your idea of who your best client is.  Once you've done that, go to wherever you think they'll hang out and let them know who you are and what you do.  (Think message boards, networking events, online groups, etc.)

Number Three. Finally, be 100% sure that your website is your best calling card.  It needs to be adjusted to embrace this new piece of who you are and what you do. Right now, my 1 Day Web Makeover Course is available at a hugely discounted price to help you maximize your message and be sure that you are not missing any of the key components to website success!  At less than $100, it’s a million-dollar investment in your success.

You can also grab my free video right now that reveals the #1Website Blunder that is killing your conversion.

Here's to your best brand in 2011!

Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker