The Absolutely Biggest Branding Error on Your Website? No call to action! by Branding Expert, Libby Gill

Yesterday I met with a great CEO. She has vision, courage, a great team, and a great product path. But it’s not working? Why? Her website is losing her business – in several ways. One is that the navigation is simply not clear – a BIG loss. But even bigger is that there’s no clear call to action. Within a few hours of my initial consultation, she went into her website and put up a very clear call action, inviting prospective clients to sign up for her Free Podcast: “Setting and Manifesting Your Intentions”. The site is still a work in progress, but it is on its way.

Another client created a website so focused and a credibility story so clear that the number of inquiries and client engagements increased by 30% in just four months. That’s when she knew her website was telling her credibility story and it was backed up by a clear call to action.

Let me ask you about your call to action. Assuming your site visitor has about 4-6 seconds to decide whether or not he wants to engage, what are you asking them to do? Are you asking them to register for something?  Please offer more than a free newsletter, because who wants one more email.  (And remember, if it’s about you forget it, if it’s about them, you’ve got a shot.)

Are you asking them to click a link?  If you do and they are doing it, then you’ve engaged them to go deeper into your site.  Are you asking them to subscribe?  Click on a video?  Go to your blog? Join a community? Read about your programs? There are an endless number of ways you can engage your website audience, if they believe you are worth spending time with, if the look of your site doesn’t scare them away, and if they know what you want them to do.

Consider these:  Have them sign up for a free gift of something, Offer them “Ten Ways to Tell If You’re Stuck,” or “The Three Branding Mistakes You Never Want to Make,” “5 Ways to Get Stains out of Carpets.” You get the picture. Whatever is it, ask them to take that action.

Here’s to YOUR powerful, effective web pages and your successful and compelling brand. And by the way, DEFINITELY sign up for your free Tools to Stay Unstuck at (AND be entered, automatically, in my TGIF 3 Book Giveaway!) Until next time, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

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