WHY does marketing fail? ANSWER: BRANDING 101

Hi everyone. Just a note to remind you to REGISTER for my upcoming branding course -- if, of course, you're tired of dumping money and time into SEO and marketing products and events that don't sell. You see, your BRAND has to be cohesive and COMPELLING to engage your potential clients and customers. I have launched some BIG names (like the Dr. Phil show) and some small businesses (that became big!). And I designed this series to be affordable and IMPLEMENTABLE. At only $497 the course costs less than one coaching session with me.

The series includes guest expert interviews, invaluable downloads, worksheets and TOOLS that you can use during the class and long afterward. And if you miss a session, no sweat, you'll get a free downloadable MP3 for each class included with your registration.

Register at: http://libbygill.com/mindshare-branding-webinar

Your friend, Libby Gill Branding Expert, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author