Your Biggest Branding Error: Your Website Stinks

Want to know the BIGGEST branding mistake you're making?  Not recognizing that your website is your most important marketing tool. The truth? Most sites are unfocused, unclear, DO NOT brand you properly and don’t have a compelling call-to-action. What are the MOST important things your website needs to have? Clarity of message and visual appeal.

#1 Clarity of Message. If potential customers come to your website and they are confused, you have lost them. If your site has some obscure language about who you are and what you do, that’s simply NOT good enough. Or, if it has a thousand messages (which is far more common), and your core message is lost, that’s a big problem. (And so many of you are guilty of this - you know who you are, right?)

#2 Visual Appeal. Please know that I am not saying your website has to be beautiful or that it needs to win graphic awards. But if your site looks boring, dated, amateurish or doesn’t reflect your personality and your BRAND – and by that I mean the personality of your business or product – that’s a big problem.  In fact, you’re practically inviting people to go away the very moment they arrive. It’s like going to a party, taking one look inside and saying, “Not for me…” and making a u-turn at the door.

Spend some time just looking at and reading your website.  Look at each page – ask friends and clients to look at it also and to give you feedback on the clarity and visual appeal.  Use that data to help you plan your website renovation. And grab my

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Until next time, Libby Gill Brand Strategist, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker