Celebrating Change: 15 Years of Libby Gill & Company


By popular demand, we're doing an encore performance of the Secrets to Painless Self-Promotion webinar.

Fifteen years ago this November, I left the corporate world and founded Libby Gill & Company. In truth, I wasn't quite sure what that meant at the time except that I wanted to help people achieve professional success balanced with a a healthy personal life. It required massive change on my part and I'm glad to say, although it wasn't always easy, I embraced it.

Since then, I've coached thousands of people through the process of change, as individuals and organizations. I'd like to share some of my secrets to lasting change with you and give you a special gift to celebrate this anniversary.

  • Clarify the benefits of change. Make sure you can clearly explain why change is needed and how things will be better once you implement this change.

  • Rally support. Involve people at all levels of the organization, including the "naysayers," who may have contrarian but nonetheless productive solutions.

  • Communicate the change. Roll out your change initiative throughout the company customized for your culture. (See my book Capture the Mindshare, page 88-91 for a great story on how Cabela's implemented a massive internal change program.)

  • Take consistent action. Use strategic triggers including visual reminders, accountability buddies, or touch base meetings to stay on track.

  • Be realistic about timeframe. Change takes place over time, not overnight. If you drop the ball (which you will) pick it up and get rolling again right away.

Now, here's my gift to you!

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How to Position Yourself for
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