LIFT AS YOU CLIMB: The Latest in Women's Leadership

Libby Gill surprises audiences when she tells them that she looks forward to the day when women's leadership events are no longer held because we need them, but only because we want them.


Until that day comes, Libby is proud to add her perspective to the international conversation about women in leadership and management roles. With her expertise as both an executive and entrepreneur, Libby shares an inspirational blend of leadership strategies and hard-won Hollywood secrets to help women on their journey to success.

She guides emerging and established women leaders through workplace challenges including career advancement, wage inequality, and work/life balance with strength and grace. Not one to shy away from tough truths about women in the workplace, Libby also shares relevant data about the biases that both men and women (yes, women!) hold against female professionals and then provides tips and tools for getting past them.

Having coached thousands of women ranging from college students to the C-suite, Libby's dynamic interactive presentations help you:

  • Discover the essential element that turns good leaders into great ones
  • Craft a Credibility Booster that establishes immediate rapport and connectioN
  • Tap into uniquely female strengths by identifying you Leadership Superpower
  • Faster 5 Strategies to Stop Being Humble to a Fault so you can boost confidence and step into your power
  • Learn the 3 P's of Executive Presence: visual cues, vocal energy, and "veritas"
  • Understand the Language of Leadership to inspire others with authenticity and enthusiasm
  • Experience a rousing call-to-action that will leave participants inspired to Lift As You Climb, taking others along as they rise to success

Rave Reviews for Libby's Executive Presence Presentations...

Country Financial, Karin McDowell
“Fantastic mix of hope, tools and magic through presentation and storytelling. Kudos!”

Disney-ABC, Sharon Williams
"We’ve seen a lot of great speakers here at Disney, but Libby’s presentation was one of the most inspiring I’ve seen in a long time. She managed to blend practical business information with deep insights about personal responsibility and leadership. After a very challenging year, our group was ready to get back to work, totally re-energized by her empowering message.”

Driscoll’s, Jen Bingham
“An inspirational and motivating way of communicating the importance of belief, behavior and accountability.”

Exceptional Women in Publishing, Kate Byrne
"Libby is so clear and concise in providing direction to future women leaders on what they need to focus on and how they can become the best leaders possible." 

Gap Inc., Rona Kremer
“Libby energized, motivated, and gave everyone information they could apply immediately to supercharge their careers. She knew how to interact with the audience, presenting both research and anecdotes to keep everyone engaged.  Libby was generous with her time and made herself available to anyone who wanted to follow up with her after the presentation.”

Microsoft, Lisa Woods  (rated Libby 10 on a 1-5 scale!)
"Libby's balance of compelling advice, charisma, great storytelling and sharing personal experience is truly inspirational.  I will definitely put her advice into action."     

Women Entrepreneurs Conference, Angela Jia Kim
"Libby Gill was the hands down favorite at our Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World Event in New York. Our attendees are still raving about the branding strategies she shared with them. I only wish I’d given her even more time on the platform!” 

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