Libby shows entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations
how understanding the science
of hopefulness -hope theory -
can inspire your team to:


When your company is in transition it takes inspiration and influence to create impact.

Leaders must learn to turn
fear into fuel

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Here's Why

The world has changed forever and our leadership principles and practices need to change along with it.

We need to create human-centric cultures where kindness, flexibility and support are the norm.

That requires all leaders to step into their greatness.

There's no time to let fear or lack of compassion stop us from solving the pressing problems that face our families, teams & organizations.

We must inspire purpose and drive performance.

It's never to late to create positive change.

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Teach your team to
lead the way forward

Libby Gill can show you how...

Meet Libby

Libby began her corporate career as an assistant in the PR department of a television company founded by the legendary Norman Lear. That company merged with Columbia, Coca-Cola, and Sony, and in just five years Libby rose to become head of media relations for Sony’s Worldwide Television Group before moving on to lead communications at Turner Broadcasting and Universal.

With her rapid climb up the corporate ladder and then founding her coaching and consulting company in her 40s, Libby learned that leadership is a deeply personal journey that combines cognitive, emotional and behavioral elements.

Libby's here to support
Emerging & Established Leaders.

Libby has helped create leaders in brands around the world

Keynotes and Coaching
guide leaders on a powerful journey to step up and take immediate action.


Clarify the Vision

  • Describe your best possible vision of the future.

  • Determine if it is worth the effort to achieve or attain it.

  • Identify the beliefs that must shift to realize the vision.


Simplify the Pathway

  • Articulate the vision to the widest possible audience.

  • Solicit feedback regarding needed resources and support.

  • Overcome perceived or actual obstacles in your path.

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Execute the Plan

  • Transform the vision into a specific and measurable action plan.

  • Assign project oversight and task ownership.

  • Balance factors for accountability with need for flexibility.

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Review, Reflect, Refine

  • Measure success against pre-determined metrics and milestones.

  • Capture feedback for people, process, and profit improvement.

  • Course correct or begin a new project based on review.

Inspire purpose and drive performance through Libby's
Services and Solutions

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Keynote Presentations

Libby guides groups through the journey of change and challenge, inspiring them with stories, strategies, and science about Hope Theory, derived from medicine and positive psychology. Libby connects with her audience, helping them see that “hope IS a strategy.”

Libby Gill leadership expert

Leadership Development

Libby has more than thirty years of experience leading, managing, and motivating people—first as a C-suite executive at Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting—and now as an award-winning author, executive coach, and leadership consultant to the Fortune 500.

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Culture Transformation

Libby helps organizations transform cultures, infusing their workplaces with compassion, trust, and hope—even in times of change and uncertainty. She shares proven strategies for linking beliefs to behaviors to help companies create high-performance teams.

hope driven leader book

Libby lays out a strategic path for developing a hopeful and hardworking culture...
where employees are inspired to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and own their own future.”

Stephen M. R. Covey

Bestselling Author of The Speed of Trust and co-author of Smart Trust

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