• Do you lead by ordering or inspiring?
  • Do you ‘walk your talk’ or expect others to ‘do as I say, not as I do?’
  • Do you blend kindness with candor when providing feedback?

It’s easy to overlook the significance of likeability in the workplace, but research tells us that likeable leaders create more loyalty, engagement, and collaboration.

So what makes a likeable leader? Depends who you ask, of course, but most human resource and leadership experts agree that it starts with self-awareness. Among the traits that likeable leaders have in common are humility and approachability; generosity of spirit; stability and sound judgment; the ability to connect emotionally; passion and a sense of purposefulness; and character.

Ask yourself the following questions to see how you score as a Likeable Leader. Note your responses and the corresponding points using the following key:

·      Yep, I’ve got this.                                Score 3 points

·      Kinda sorta.                                        Score 2 points

·      I could do a LOT better.                      Score 1 point

1.     If you make a promise to someone in your group, do you keep it?

2.     Do you promote easy collaboration and open communication?

3.     Are you trusted and respected by your team?

4.     Do you give feedback that is both candid and constructive, without belittling the receiver?

5.     Do you share the credit with others when things go well?

6.     Do you take the blame when things go wrong?

7.     Do you consciously set a good examples through your words and actions?

8.     Are you aware when your team members feel stressed or overloaded?

9.     Do you know your employees as people, and not just as professionals?

10.  Do you attempt to keep a level playing field among your team members, and avoid playing favorites unfairly?

11.  Do you show vulnerability when appropriate?

12.  Do you have a sense of humor, encouraging fun and laughter among your team?

Check below to get your Leadership Likeability score:

1-12     Barely Likeable Boss: Chances are you put your own needs before others, failing to give your teammates the encouragement and support they need to grow. Warm up your communication and make sure you treat people with respect and kindness.

13-24   Fair to Middling Manager: You’re doing a decent job of demonstrating care and kindness to others, but it still leaves a lot to be desire. Fine-tune your leadership likeability with deep listening, positive role modeling, and direct feedback.

24-36   Inspirational Leader: Bravo! You’re showing genuine care and concern for team members, an authentic desire to connect, and the ability to inspire others to grow and develop. Continue to help others as you build a culture of collaboration, trust, and respect.

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