BRANDing & storytelling

Developing your brand is simply about telling the right story:  a story that informs and enlightens, connects emotionally, and compels your audience to take action.

Executives need brands just like entrepreneurs and organizations do. It’s all about how you tell your story. And we can help whether you are:

  • An emerging or established corporate leader enhancing your personal brand so you can leap to the next level
  • An entrepreneur seeking a competitive edge in your industry
  • An author, speaker, or consultant eager to establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field

With 30 years helping people accelerate their executive and entrepreneurial careers, Libby can help you define direction and strategy. And the newest member of LG&Co team, Emma writer/producer/director Emma Robertson can craft a powerful story  through videos, social media and more.  She does it all from scripting to directing to shooting to editing.

Want to test out your branding progress? Take this assessment, MyBrandingQuiz, for instant insights and feedback.

Brand services we offer include:

  • Brand messaging and strategy
  • Content development
  • Website creation
  • Storytelling videos
  • Social media strategy

Services especially for speakers and authors:

  • Keynote story development
  • Videos/audios for your presentation
  • YouTube Channel to showcase clips
  • Speaker demo reels that pop

For those newer-to-branding who want to learn the basics, Libby recommends that you start with her book, Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow: The Art and Science of Building Brands. Next, access the tools on this website. They’re free, but you will need to register so we can communicate with you on an occasional basis. (Note: We never rent or sell our mailing list.)

For those seeking more in-depth branding services, Emma  provides a complimentary consultation to learn about your business goals, during which she’ll be happy to offer you suggestions and resources free of charge. After that, she’ll create a custom proposal designed to fit your business objectives, timeframe, and budget.

Contact for a complimentary consultation to discuss your brand storytelling needs today!

Here’s what Libby’s delighted clients have said…

“Libby is dead on with her assessments and insight into brand development. She quickly identified key areas my company could improve and gave us a clear set of steps we could use to progress rapidly.  I’m already seeing the results of our improved message and focus.  Libby Gill is invaluable.”
Dave Crenshaw, Productivity Coach & Bestselling Author

“Working with Libby is a terrific experience in getting clear! She literally coaxes “you” out of your own head, using her uncanny ability to teach you what you’re actually thinking and longing to say. So not only is she taking your message and doing her magic with it, now you are more articulate in your everyday life.  Generous, straight shooting, sophisticated and utterly lovely, Libby is game-changer.”
— Elizabeth Carpenter, Founder of Oriens Healing Sanctuary


“In just one session, Libby gave me thousands of dollars of branding ideas. I can’t wait to implement her suggestions!  I’m sure my business will increase tenfold using her techniques.”
Alexandra Coulter, Founder and Chief Writing Officer, UpWrite Words

“Love how your session relates to our roles and we can utilize what you have shared with us today.”
Denise Reichwein, Royal Caribbean

“Inspiring and educational. Really helped me think differently.”
— Gurinder Kaur, Kellogg’s