Don’t waste another day…

  • Stuck at your current professional level with no prospects for growth

  • Passed over for promotions, projects, and sales opportunities

  • Desperate for the time, focus, and accountability to get to the next level

Libby’s “Career Success Foundation” course will help you:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision of success and an outcome-based action plan

  • Discover exactly how to define, describe, and demonstrate your value to wow your customers and clients

  • Earn more money doing purpose-driven work

The Career Success Foundation course is designed for elite performers who are ready to play a bigger game in work and life. Libby is committed to helping you determine exactly where you want to go in your career and then providing precisely the right strategies and support to get you there.

Call us at 310.440.4200 to learn how you can join or create your own Career Success group experience.

The content is offered in a unique “check the box” format that encourages progress and accountability. Best of all, there are three different ways you can experience this course, so one will be right for your objectives, timeframe and budget. 

“Libby did an amazing job structuring the course materials, incorporating accountability, and providing insights and encouragement along the way. She kept me engaged even when I felt stuck.  I’m so glad I chose to do this program!”

— April Turch, Wolf Group Capital Advisors