Consulting, Training & Breakouts

There’s a global crisis in engagement, with workers performing at low levels of productivity – or worse – infecting the entire environment with their negativity. Through consulting, training, and conference breakout sessions, Libby guides organizations to understand the impact of culture on the bottom line so they shift mindset, strategy, and implementation.

Thirty years of data shows us that workplace disengagement is both a people and process issue, but most companies only address the process part of the puzzle. In doing so, they risk:

  • High turnover – where workers feel that the grass will be greener somewhere – anywhere – else.

  • Decreased sales – people are so mired in their internal problems, they forget that their highest value is getting in front of clients.

  • Service and safety mistakes – people get sloppy, checked out.

  • Lack of growth and development – we stop practicing incremental improvement.

  • Failure to produce future leaders – we quit developing our internal bench strength.

Worst of all, disengagement is contagious. Just as positive habits like eating well and exercising spread to others in your immediate circles, negative attitudes and behaviors are also contagious and can cripple your culture.

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Libby looks into employees’ hearts and souls, using anything from comedy improv techniques to round-table forums to address issues of fear, doubt, and change. By improving interpersonal relationships, communication and collaboration, and conflict resolution, she helps companies reinvent their culture so employees come to work because they want to and not because they have to. Libby customizes every program to fit business objectives, timeframe, and budget. Culture consulting outcomes may include:

  • Greater openness and transparency

  • Increased trust and respect

  • Improved fluidity and cross-function collaboration

  • Enhanced communication flow

  • Decreased conflict

  • More camaraderie, fun, and engagement



An accomplished keynote speaker, Libby will take your organization or conference attendees through deep dive sessions of one-hour to one-day in length. As always, she customizes her programs to create long-lasting impact on your team. Her most popular presentations are:

  • CHANGE THE MINDSET, CHANGE THE ORGANIZATION: Master the Growth Mindset for Optimal Success

  • MANAGE THE MULTI-GEN BLEND: Manage and Motivate Today’s Multigenerational Workplace

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR SOFT SKILLS: Blend Hard Skills with Emotional Intelligence

  • UP-LEVEL YOUR IMPACT AND INFLUENCE: Even When You Have No Actual Authority


“Our two-day strategy session with you was a real game-changer…. my team is still talking about it! You definitely helped us align against key priorities, and we’re making great progress.”

—       Avery Dennison, Heather Rim