Are you ready for accelerated growth and measurable results NOW?   Libby is not only your strategic advisor, but she and her team can also provide much of the heavy lifting to help you take your business to the next level of success.

With an emphasis on clarifying and implementing your business vision, entrepreneurial coaching is ideal for start-ups, solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Although Libby takes a holistic view of you and your life – looking at relevant factors such as your health, energy, resources, and support from friends and family – this is not “life coaching.” Libby will customize a coaching and/or consulting program for you, based you where you are today and focused on what you want to achieve in terms of growth and revenue. 

Libby offers specific branding and business input, ongoing guidance and, should you choose, she and her team can act as your partners, implementing many activities on your behalf. 

For early-stage entrepreneurs, Libby Gill & Company provides the following services:

  • Clarification of business direction to avoid time-wasters and money-drains
  • Brand vision & focus to help you attract – and keep – your ideal customer
  • Start-up tools and guidance to get you on the right track from the beginning
  • Website & marketing direction, including review of graphics and copy
  • Enhanced stress reduction, confidence building & risk-taking skills

For successful entrepreneurs who are in strategic growth mode, Libby offers services tailored to your specific needs, which may include:

  • Review & revision of branding, sales, and positioning material
  • Website overhaul – from top to bottom or mini-makeover as need dictates
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Guidance on building your speaking and/or publishing platform
  • Guidance with sales strategy and customer/client “pipeline building”
  • Product and service strategies
  • Creating a powerful team – virtual, commission or performance-based
  • Social media and PR strategy and implementation

 For international businesses looking to expand into North America, Libby offers a number of cross-cultural brand and business consulting services. Having worked with technology, apparel, food/beverage and many other industry sectors from Europe to Asia, Libby has a multi-national perspective combined with a distinctively American flair.  Her team can offer one-time strategic consultation or ongoing implementation services customized to your needs, including:

  • Review and critique of your branding and sales materials
  • Revise your materials, including rewriting English translations, to have a clear message and compelling tone
  • Design and develop your branded website to appeal to a North American audience
  • Revise your existing site for appeal, relevance and functionality Content creation and copywriting
  • Social media strategy and implementationPublic relations training/execution
  • Guidance on public speaking and presentations
  • Cross-cultural communications coaching for polished and professional sales conversations, meetings, and events
  • Introductions to relevant business partners

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discover how Libby’s branding and business coaching can help you transform your vision into action.

What Libby’s Entrepreneurial Coaching clients are saying…


“Libby is dead on with her assessments and insight into brand development.  She quickly identified key areas my company could improve and gave us a clear set of steps we could use to progress rapidly.  I’m already seeing the results of our improved message and focus.  Libby Gill is invaluable.”
— Dave Crenshaw, Productivity Coach & Bestselling Author

“The website that Libby and her team created for me really put me on the map.  Not only is the site aesthetically beautiful and totally functional, it’s been viewed in more than 33 countries in just 2 months.  I’m getting more local training clients and I even have people across the country asking me to manage their fitness programs virtually. I had no idea I would get so much return on investment on my very first site!”
— Monica Nelson, Fitness Expert


“Thanks to your suggestion to partner with local contacts to promote my organic baby clothing business, I connected with a “green rep” who is now helping to promote my products nationally!”
— Gwen Gardner, CEO Simply Chickie

“Thanks to Libby, I revamped the brand message and call-to-action on my website.  We were able to see results almost immediately and have been very happy with all the responses we have gotten! Even though we’re a regional business, we’re getting calls from all over the country.”
— Kathy Sexton, Richmond Premier Staffing, Inc.

“Thanks you I’m a photographer. Back in 2010, you gave a presentation at E! Entertainment in Los Angeles. I was the lucky recipient of a one-on-one coaching session, during which I revealed that my life-long dream was to be a photographer…and not an editor for E! Your words impacted me like no one else’s ever had before and I finally had the confidence to take the scary leap to pursue not only my dream, but who I really was. Your words always resonated with me and remained with me as I went out on my own. It’s an overdue thank you, but it is a truly sincere and heart-felt one.” 
— Gregory Cecil, Professional Photographer