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With 30+ years of experience helping organizations from small business to Fortune 500, Libby helps professionals exceed expectations.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you and your organization with challenges of mindset, strategy and execution. Explore Libby's Coaching, Consulting and Leadership Development options.

Libby Gill Leadership Keynote Speaker

Leadership Development

As leaders and managers face the ongoing challenges of the 24/7 workplace including the increased pace of change, management of virtual teams, constant shifts in technology, globalization, and increasing expectations for bottom-line results, they have little time to focus on personal or professional development. That’s where Libby’s executive coaching programs fill the gap.

Her 1:1 leadership coaching process includes an initial Self-Assessment, a deep-dive 360 Assessment, a Personal Development Plan, and ongoing coaching sessions to hold the client accountable to behavioral changes and pre-determined outcomes. Additionally, Libby offers monthly progress check-ins with supervisors, stakeholders, and HR partners to ensure accountability for outcomes.

Libby’s proprietary 360 Assessment, developed over more than two decades working with leaders across multiple industries, consists of in-depth conversations, probing questions, relevant anecdotal evidence, and a bias-neutral ranking system. Because Libby is able to build trust and rapport quickly with professionals at all levels, she is a strong advocate for the client and able to elicit intensely useful feedback.

Established Leaders Coaching

Outcomes from Libby’s Established Leadership Coaching include:

  • Improved leadership skills and style
  • Enhanced change management abilities
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Enhanced executive and board presence
  • More polished internal and external brand
  • Shift from management/tactical to strategic/leadership focus
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Decreased stress and self-doubt

Emerging Leaders Coaching

Libby’s Emerging Leadership Coaching focuses on:

  • Recognizing and articulating your strengths
  • Creating a self-managed career path
  • Establishing your value and earning a seat at the table
  • Setting yourself up for growth (whether your boss loves you or not)
  • Strategic networking internally and externally – more than just collecting business cards
  • Asking for the projects, promotions, and raises you want and deserve
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Culture Transformation
Libby's Proven Strategies to Create High-Performance Teams

Libby helps leaders solve enterprise-wide challenges related to employee engagement, organizational structure, communication, and hope-driven leadership. An expert in guiding organizational leaders to articulate a future-focused vision that is fueled by passion but grounded in pragmatism, Libby has facilitated leadership retreats, consulted on organizational and team structuring, created recruiting and retention strategies, and guided professional development programs. Her team of coaches, psychologists, and wellness practitioners collaborate as needed to provide a well-rounded, customized approach to meet client needs.

The former head of communications at Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting and a 20-year entrepreneur, Libby is an expert at identifying cultural issues—such as disengagement, lack of effective communications strategy, siloed divisions—and providing practical solutions to help transform the organization into a company of choice.

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Team coaching helps people learn to work together more effectively. By focusing on interpersonal relationships and collaboration rather than on individual development, the team learns to function as a unit. Libby guides teams to become adept at resolving conflicts, carrying out initiatives, and achieving strategic results.

Benefits of team building and team coaching include:

  • Greater openness and transparency
  • Increased trust, respect, and hope
  • Improved fluidity and cross-function collaboration
  • Enhanced communication flow
  • Decreased conflict
  • More camaraderie, fun, and engagement

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