What can coaching do for you?

As managers and leaders face the ongoing challenges of the 24/7 workplace including the increased pace of change, management of virtual teams, constant shifts in technology, globalization, and escalating expectations for bottom-line results, they have little time to focus on professional development.

That’s where individual and team coaching can fill the gap.   Coaching gives executives the structure and objectivity to step outside the scope of their day-to-day activities to improve leadership skills, increase executive presence, build trust, and enhance communication and collaboration.

Libby spent nearly 20 years in corporate leadership roles and now has a 16-year track record of coaching professionals to overcome challenges, exceed expectations, and grow their organizations for the future. She provides a broad range of tools that customized to meet client needs and preferred learning styles.

Libby works with multiple industries and disciplines, but specializes in coaching established and emerging leaders in these core areas:

  • New leaders
  • Senior management
  • Women executives
  • Media, communication, and marketing executives
  • International and multinational executives
  • Executives experiencing challenges

Individual Coaching

The individual coaching process includes an initial strategy session, a customized 360 Assessment, a Personal Development Program, and ongoing coaching sessions to hold the client accountable to behavioral changes to achieve co-designed outcomes.

Libby’s proprietary 360 Assessment, developed over more than a decade working across multiple industries, consists of in-depth conversations, probing questions, relevant anecdotal evidence, and a bias-neutral ranking system. Because Libby is able to build trust and rapport quickly with professionals at all levels, she is a strong advocate for the client and able to elicit intensely useful feedback.

Benefits of executive coaching may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Improved leadership style
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Enhanced skills – communication, presentation skills, time management
  • More polished personal brand and executive presence
  • Stronger operational and management skills
  • Shift from management/tactical to strategic/leadership focus

Team Coaching

Team coaching helps people learn to work together more effectively. By focusing on interpersonal relationships and collaboration rather than on individual development, the team learns to function as a unit. After that, they are better equipped to resolve conflicts, carry out initiatives, and achieve strategic results. Benefits of team building and team coaching may include:

  • Greater openness and transparency
  • Increased trust and respect
  • Improved fluidity and cross-function collaboration
  • Enhanced communication flow
  • More camaraderie, fun, and engagement
  • Decreased conflict

Small Group Mastermind – Next Course Starts Spring 2018

Libby’s small group course combines live personal coaching – including eight live group calls – with the best of online learning to help participants accelerate their paths to professional success. In eight weeks working with Libby in this proven format, students will receive guidance, support, and strategies that can help them see career results that may have escaped them for years.

Each module includes powerful videos, information-packed action guides, and audios, all available for a period of six months. Every lesson is deepened with a webinar-style live call led by Libby that is recorded so students may listen to the replay at their leisure. As part of this interactive cohort, students will be able to ask questions and focus on their specific workplace needs and challenges.

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Why Choose Libby?

The former head of corporate communications and public relations for Sony Television Group, Universal Worldwide TV Group, and Turner Broadcasting West Coast, Libby is an international speaker, bestselling author, and former Dallas Morning News columnist.

Libby coaches, consults, and delivers presentations for established and emerging leaders at companies including AMC Networks, Cisco, Disney-ABC, EY, Genentech, GoDaddy, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Viacom, Warner Bros., Wells Fargo and many more. International clients include CCI International Nord De France, Colombia Contact Center and BPO Association, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate Business School of Trinidad & Tobago, Angostura Rum & Bitters, Youth Empowerment Organization of Kuwait, Kipco Media (Mid East and North Africa).

Libby has shared her success strategies on CNN, NPR, the Today Show, and in BusinessWeek, Time, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many other media outlets. She is the author of four books, including the award-winning You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking and Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow: The Art and Science of Building Brands. Libby’s books have been endorsed by industry leaders from Dermalogica, Ogilvy Public Relations, Sony, and Zappos. 

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discover how executive coaching with Libby can help you or your organization with challenges of leadership, culture, and change.

What do Libby’s clients have to say?

Avery Dennison, Vice President of Communications, H.R.
“Our two-day strategy session with you was a real game-changer. My team is still talking about it. You definitely helped us align against key priorities and we’re making great progress.”

Cadbury, Vice President of Finance and Operations, T.B.
“The leadership and management principles I learned from Libby have increased my productivity, improved communication, and even balanced my often-challenging work and family schedule. She helped me become a better leader!”

Global Pharmaceuticals, C.R.
“Libby is a perfect blend of credible business experience, fascinating life circumstance and helpful insight into how to reframe stagnant perspectives and effect real change.” 

Memory Care Support, Anne Ellett
“I recommend Libby as an expert coach and mentor. As I was building my consulting business, Libby kept me focused and positive, assisting me with my message and building my audience. I know that without Libby’s direction, it would have taken me much longer to achieve the same results.”

Kellogg’s, R.F.
“Libby has fantastic communication and interpersonal skills that shine through in her presentation. She has truly been an inspiration to individuals who want to fulfill their dreams.”

Morgan Stanley, E.C.
“Libby was extremely engaging and informative about how to navigate the corporate world with confidence.”

 Comcast Entertainment Group, Business and Legal Affairs, A.G.
“Libby’s enthusiasm and marketing expertise were evident within the first few minutes of her seminar. Her presentation clearly demonstrated how important it is to develop a personal brand. By the end of the seminar, I was thoroughly impressed and motivated to develop my career in a way that I would never have considered prior to Libby’s seminar.”

EY, L.B.
“Libby delivered a thoughtful and pragmatic message that everyone can relate to both personally and professionally. I look forward to thinking about my ‘bold’ move and sharing it with Libby!”

Nike, Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing, B.T.
“Libby created a tailored, realistic and compassionate approach for coaching me to the next level. With Libby’s help, my confidence soared and I saw immediate results.”

Warner Bros Learning and Organization Development, S.M.
“Your You Unstuck presentation was a HUGE hit with our global HR team. The place was still buzzing today about challenging the INRs, using the CSE method and various ways to cross your body parts. We’re already talking about how to leverage you and your approach for our senior execs. Nicely done!”

Nebraska Heart Hospital, Jackie Mendoza
“Libby’s course was worth the investment of time and money for the advancement of my professional development. She helped build my confidence and launch the power step I needed for promotion within the organization. I recommend you take the time to allow Libby to take you to the next level of leadership.”