As your established and emerging leaders face the increased pace of change, shifts in technology, globalization and more, developing their authentic leadership voice – and accompanying brand – gets lost in the frenzy.

That’s where Libby and her team can help you and your organization dig deep to discover where you are, how you got there, and where you need to head next. Combining the science of hope with some hard-won Hollywood secrets from her life at Sony, Universal and Turner Broadcasting, Libby helps you stay relevant to your customers, clients, and colleagues!

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“Libby energized, motivated and gave everyone information they could use immediately to supercharge their careers. She knew how to interact with the audience, presenting both research and anecdotes to keep everyone engaged!”
 Rona Kremer, Gap Inc.

“My favorite presentation of the conference.” 
— Dmitry Gurevich, Navy Federal Credit Union

“Great ideas and approaches that make sense!” 
— Sue Volk, PayPal

“Love the passion!  I could spend a whole week learning about Libby’s message!” 
— Tiffany Reynolds, Marriott International

“I could listen to Libby for hours.”
— Syreeta Thomas, AT&T


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