Guiding Leaders to Inspire Purpose & Drive Performance

Libby helps established and emerging leaders handle the challenges of constant change by shifting the focus from process to people. In her people-centric leadership presentations, Libby shares strategies for inspiring purpose and driving performance in individuals and teams. Combining the science of hope theory with hard-won Hollywood secrets as former head of communications at Sony, Universal, and Turner Broadcasting, Libby guides individuals and organizations to reframe chaos into possibility.

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Libby’s message of action and accountability was strong, impassioned and clear. Her interactive presentation struck a deep chord and really helped set the tone for our event.

— Microsoft

We were totally re-energized by her empowering message.

— Disney – ABC

Spot on for our organization. Libby had done her research and talked to us about us: WOW! Worth your time and money…uplifting, motivating and helpful!


Libby shared such relevance about leadership skills in a real, compelling, fun story-telling manner.