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Despite the old adage, “Hope is not a strategy,” try giving strategies to a workplace that hopeless and depleted.

For the nearly thirty years that I’ve been involved in helping shape excellence in the workplace, first in the corporate world and now as an executive coach and leadership consultant, I’ve observed how hope, or the lack of it, affects performance. 

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Are you feeding or starving hope in your workplace?

Do you know the most important – and most overlooked – component of leadership and corporate culture? 

 Since I began writing about the topic of hope in my book Traveling Hopefully in 2001, I’ve considered hope as the jet fuel for the journey of work and life. Hope theory is the body of research conducted by the medical and positive psychology communities. It defines the two key components of hope as 1) a fundamental belief that change is possible and 2) the expectation that today’s actions dictate tomorrow’s outcomes. In other words, belief drives behavior.

The research, which I’m adapting for executives and entrepreneurs in my upcoming book, tell us that high-hope people are more likely than low-hope people to:

•    Set a great number of goals
•    Have goals which may be more difficult to attain
•    Be more successful at reaching their goals
•    Have less distress and greater happiness than low-hope people

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