Little Moments of Magic with Catherine Carr


Catherine Carr joins Libby in the Leadership Lab to share her story of how a seemingly average Saturday afternoon led to an interview with Doctors Without Borders and ultimately led her to pack up her 20 years of professional experience, her MBA and HR certifications, and leave her old life in a storage unit.

Catherine & Libby discuss:

  • How and why Catherine decided to apply for Doctors Without Borders
  • The lengthy interview process
  • How women often self-select themselves out of moving up the organizational growth chart due to the assumption they aren’t fit, capable, or worthy 
  • How much Catherine has gained by offering herself in service to others
  • Crossing not only borders but also cultures, traditions, and paradigms while working and living with multi-cultural teams
  • Navigating the line between work and humanity, balancing expectations with compassion, and managing the rift between productivity and burnout.
  • And much more

Over the years Catherine has learned: Morning tea solves afternoon problems. Helping one another is an instinctive response around the world. To fully engage, our walls must fall. The importance of never losing sight of normal. And sometimes, communication means saying nothing at all.  

Prior to working in the field, Catherine held a variety of positions, all of which prepared her for the range of responsibilities she would hold as a humanitarian.  Dance instructor, administrator, temp worker, recruiter, bartender, start-up, freelancer, recruiter, and human resources professional.   

Catherine’s Action Step: Make an effort to get uncomfortable – try a different restaurant, take a different route home, it doesn’t have to be major but taking these small seemingly uncomfortable baby steps will set you up for larger tasks that will cross your path that may be uncomfortable. Secondly, take a break and take notice in the little moments of joy because those are the things that matter.

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