Since its inception, higher education in the U.S. has claimed to develop leaders. But is this claim justified? Leadership Reckoning takes to task American colleges and universities for their haphazard, incoherent, evidence-free approaches to developing students as leaders and offers a principle-driven, outcome-oriented blueprint for how effective leader development can occur. It’s high time that happens, and Leadership Reckoning points the way.

Leadership Reckoning for Business...

Co-author Libby Gill draws on the principles and practices articulated in the book to guide the business world to more effectively and aggressively build leadership capabilities in her powerful new keynote and coaching program Leadership Reckoning: Is Your Organization Creating the Leaders You Need?

“Take it from me, as someone who has worked in both government and business: leadership matters!

In the face of global challenges like the climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for good leaders in every part of society has never been greater. In Leadership Reckoning, the Doerr Institute for New Leaders pioneers a data-driven approach to make the development of moral leadership a core function of college education. This book is a must-read for the leaders of today and tomorrow.”

Former Vice President of the United States of America

“Young people truly are the future of any country,

and the degree to which they understand and embrace the keys to successful leadership has a profound effect not only on their future but also on that of their community and country. If ever there was a time for increased focus on what works in leadership training for young people in the U.S., now is it!

Former CEO of Save the Children

Do you need to write for your work?

Of course you do! Everyone needs to write some kind of copy, but many of us have trouble overcoming our writing fears, coming up with ideas, getting started or revising our work. And, most of all, completing our writing projects.

Could you use help and accountability to achieve your writing goals?

Libby’s here to help. The award-winning author of seven books, multiple book chapters and peer-reviewed articles, Libby leads a weekly Sprint Writing Group for entrepreneurs, executives, authors, and anyone who needs to put words on a page for work or fun.
With more than 30 years of professional writing experience, Libby will guide you on writing blog posts, sales copy, email blasts, video/audio scripts, podcast prep, manuscripts (non-fiction and fiction), and more.

When you join, Libby guarantees she'll:

  • Share writing tips & productivity hacks
  • Get you focused and writing quality copy
  • Provide you with comments and critiques
  • Hold you accountable for completion - every single week.

Writing can be lonely... but it doesn't have to be. Join this supportive community to write in sprints and watch your productivity & word count soar! 

Sign up now or email me at if you’d like to sit in on a session to see how it all works. Fun and productivity guaranteed!

Don't Waste Another Day...

  • Stuck at your current professional level with no prospects for growth
  • Passed over for promotions, projects, and sales opportunities
  • Desperate for the time, focus, and accountability to get to the next level

Libby's "Career Success Foundation" course will help you:

  • Create a crystal-clear vision of success and an outcome-based action plan
  • Discover exactly how to define, describe, and demonstrate your value to wow your customers and clients
  • Earn more money doing purpose-driven work

The Career Success Foundation course is designed for elite performers who are ready to play a bigger game in work and life. Libby is committed to helping you determine exactly where you want to go in your career and then providing precisely the right strategies and support to get you there.

The content is offered in a unique “check the box” format that encourages progress and accountability. Best of all, there are three different ways you can experience this course, so one will be right for your objectives, timeframe and budget.

“Libby did an amazing job structuring the course materials, incorporating accountability, and providing insights and encouragement along the way.

She kept me engaged even when I felt stuck. I’m so glad I chose to do this program!”

Wolf Group Capital Advisors

Take the
True Hope Assessment
to find out if you are a hope-driven leader.

Are You a Dreamer or a Doer?

As professionals who are constantly juggling deadlines and projects, it’s critically important that we keep in mind the delicate balance between vision and action.

Assemble Your Own Customized Support Squad

Recruit allies, fans, and supporters before you need them.

Become a More Charismatic Connector

You may think that “connectors” are born, not made. But, with a few pointers, anyone can learn to be a more powerful connector.

Can You Hear Me Now?

It’s time to address the lost art of listening.

Do You Know How Others Perceive You?

You don’t always need a formal 360 Assessment to see how others see you. Try this simple strategy to determine other’s perceptions of you…

Five Tips for Giving Fearless Feedback

It can be just as daunting giving as getting feedback, but leaders can’t back away from the challenge.

Handling Life’s Hiccups

Expect the unexpected and life’s hiccups won’t be so burdensome.

Hope Theory: How Belief and Behavior Drive Performance

The most significant – and often overlooked – element in the workplace today, hope is the critical component that drives success.

The Kaizen Concept: Your Key to Continuous Improvement

Adapt this practice from the automotive industry to overhaul anything.

The Language of Leadership

Communication – customized for your listener – is one of the most critical elements of leadership. Here are some strategies to demystify the process.

Looking for That Next Job

When the job hunt is on, discretion is the key.

Make Your Meetings More Meaningful

Escape from meeting hell – your team will thank you.

Planting the Seeds of Greatness

How a young girl is changing the world, one garden at a time…

Stop Playing It Safe and Start Taking Positive Risks

Are you hiding behind business as usual? It’s time to stop!

Top Tips for Infusing Hope into Your Corporate Culture

When your team is facing change or challenge, inspire them with a future-focused vision.

What Kind of Leader Are You?

Knowing your leadership personality type – and that of others – can help you connect.

What Women Leaders Really Want

Women’s leadership is more about ‘walking through’ than ‘leaning in.’

When Your Flaws Need Fixing

While it’s fine to play to your strengths, don’t ignore your flaws.

Why Confidence Is King…or Queen

Adopt some strategies from the confident players’ playbook.

12 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Don’t wait for inspiration, instead get moving.

15 Qs for Better Interviews with Job Candidates

These questions will help you determine a candidate’s fit for your organization and the role they are applying for

The Change Checklist

Key Questions to Ask Before Implementing a Change

Future-Focused Leader

The workplace is changing so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. Discover the key trends I see happening now and in the near future.

The Hope-Driven Leader

Discover the science-based benefits of Hope Theory to create a more compassionate workplace culture.

Top 10 Career Killers

Avoid these career de-railers to get ahead fast. Newbie or a seasoned leader, we can all use a refresher.

10 Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Websites…and How to Fix Them

Discover and fix (or avoid altogether) the biggest mistakes people make with their websites.

Objectives & Actions Worksheet

Use this foolproof guide to map out your year. Identify your BIG objective, then break it down into quarterly increments.

Capture the Mindshare Tools

These practical branding tools go hand-in-hand with Libby’s book Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow.

Capture the Mindshare How to Craft Your “Why Message”

The importance of discovering the “why” of your business in order to create authentic emotional links with customers.

Capture the Mindshare Charismatic Connector

Can improve your networking and relationship-building skills by practicing the following techniques.

Capture the Mindshare Develop Your Purpose, Premise and Promise

Need a full and complete understanding of the core purpose of your business, or your “value proposition.

Capture the Mindshare Excellence at Work

Use this tool based on well-known archetypes to help you define what excellence at work means in your organization.

Capture the Mindshare Tools Humor

Humor is one of the best ways to connect with others, which can lead to getting your message heard and understood.

Capture the Mindshare Protecting Your Brand Name

Brands and brand names sometimes run their course, it’s vital to stay vigilant about protecting your brand name.

Satisfaction Assessment

Rank your own satisfaction and success levels in 10 key areas of work and life to see where you should focus your energy.

Success Made Simple

Learn Libby’s proven “Clarify, Simplify, Execute” method to begin eliminating internal roadblocks and external obstacles.

You Unstuck Workbook

Get this companion guide to Libby’s award-winning book You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking and start getting on track to success today.

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