Why the RIGHT Questions Are the Key to Sales with Jeremy Miner


Libby discusses new ways to think about sales with sales educator and disrupter Jeremy Miner. As the head of 7th Level Communications, Jeremy has pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that to date has helped more than 180,000 salespeople in 34 countries achieve exceptional results. He has led global sales forces, developed sales training, and been the top individual sales contributor at companies where he has exponentially increased revenues as a rule, rather than as an exception.

Libby and Jeremy go in-depth on:

  • The science of pitching
  • Why manipulative sales tactics no longer work
  • The importance of continuing education when it comes to sales training
  • Why asking the right questions is the key to closing the sales
  • Letting go of the outcome while still understanding your strategy
  • Human behavior and psychology and their relationship to sales

Jeremy is one of only three active sales trainers in the world with individual earnings as a W-2 salesperson of more than seven figures annually in his sales career.   He has consistently been ranked one of the top sales income earners internationally, including 45th in the top 150 earners among the 83 million active salespeople in the direct selling industry. Jeremy studied behavioral and organizational science at Utah Valley University, which was to play a foundational role in the career-long development of his Neuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning sales methodology.

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