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Libby Gill is a great choice for audiences in all industries and at all levels because she meets your audience members where they are, challenging them to play a bigger game in work and life, removing obstacles to success, and reframing change as opportunity.

She delivers customized keynotes, coaching, and leadership development programs to established and emerging leaders at the world’s best-known brands, including ADP, Capital One, Disney, EY, Genentech, Honda, Intel, Medtronic, Microsoft, MTV, Sony, Viacom Wells Fargo, and many more. Here’s how clients have described Libby:

  • “One of the few female speakers with top-notch credentials and dynamic delivery.”

  • “Relevant, real, compelling and FUN.”

  • “Libby gives you hope, humor, and humility.”

Here are a few reasons why meeting professionals, speaker bureaus, associations, and corporations love working with Libby:

1. Libby Doesn’t Just Interact, She Connects

Libby’s warmth, intelligence, and authenticity shine through her presentations. She never gives a speech. Instead, she holds a conversation with your audience, whether that’s 10 C-suite leaders in a high-level strategy session or 10,000 people in a convention center keynote. Every presentation is interactive to get your guests involved and give them a meaningful and memorable experience!

2. Credibility, Credibility, Credibility

No flash-in-the-pan, Libby spent nearly 20 years leading communications and public relations at media giants Sony, Universal and Turner Broadcasting before starting her executive coaching and consulting business 16 years ago. An award-winning author of four books, she’s spoken in 32 states and on 3 continents and has appeared on CBS Early Show, CNN, Dr. Phil, The Today Show, and in Oprah Magazine, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and many more.

3. She’s No Diva

Libby may have spent 20 years working in Hollywood, but she’s anything but a diva. She knows the real stars are your audience members. Down-to-earth, friendly, and accommodating, she’ll greet your guests, hang out at your cocktail party, or spend the entire day at your conference offering as much value as she can to your attendees.

4. Libby’s Not Afraid to Get Real

She has lived through many of the same challenges as your audience – and she’s not afraid to talk about them. Poignant personal stories about mental illness, alcoholism, even suicide, are all on the table when they make a point about leadership and success. And audience members can relate, thanking Libby for her “courage and vulnerability.”

5. Customized Content

Libby does extensive research, including pre-event planning calls, interviews with your attendees (who love that she does her homework!), as well as studying your mission, values and event objectives so she can provide customized content. She knows her subject area – leadership, people, and performance – backwards and forwards and always keeps up with the latest data on human behavior and professional development.

6. Relevant & Actionable Takeaways

Just like you, Libby wants the learning to last long after your conference so she provides a rousing call-to-action that sends every audience member home with immediately applicable takeaways. She also offers a coaching session giveaway, a post-event email including videos and links to relevant articles, and a follow-up webinar for your entire group.

7.  Marketing Support

Want promotional support to ensure your event’s success? Libby is happy to provide a custom marketing video, social media posts, quizzes, blogs and articles so you can get everyone excited about your event, whether it’s open to the public or an internal conference. You can count on her support before, during, and after your event.

8. Her Future-Focused Message

Libby has shared the platform with luminaries from George W. Bush to Dr. Phil, but she has a message unlike anyone else: that hope is the jet fuel for the journey of work and life. She backs it up with the science of hope theory to help people lead the charge through change, challenge, and chaos. Her new book, The Hope-Driven Leader: Harness the Power of Positivity at Work is available for volume discount orders now.

Contact us at Rachel@LibbyGill.com to schedule an exploratory call with Libby to discuss your upcoming events!