free Resources for you

Here are some great free resources to help you be a BOLD leader - no matter your current level - in work and life!


Career Quiz

Take this quick quiz to find out what's working -  and what's not - in your career. A little insight goes a long way!


Future-Focused Leader

The workplace is changing so quickly, it's hard to keep up. Discover the key trends I see happening now and in the near future. 


Satisfaction Assessment

Rank your own satisfaction and success levels in 10 key areas of work and life to see where you should focus your energy.

You Unstuck Workbook

Get this companion guide to Libby's award-winning book You Unstuck and start getting on track to success today. 


Hope-Driven Leader

Discover the science-based benefits of Hope Theory to create a more compassionate workplace culture.


My Branding Quiz

Your brand, whether business or personal, is the clear articulation of the value you bring. See how well your brand is working for you now.


Annual Objectives & Quarterly Actions

Use this foolproof guide to map out your year. Identify your BIG objective, then break it down into quarterly increments.

Capture The Mindshare Tools

These amazing tools go hand in hand with the "Capture The Mindshare" book.


Top 10 Career Killers

Avoid these career derailers to get ahead fast. Newbie or a seasoned leader, we can all use a refresher.


10 Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Websites

Discover and fix (or avoid altogether) the biggest mistakes people make with their websites.


Success Made Simple

Learn Libby's proven "Clarify, Simplify, Execute" method to begin eliminating internal roadblocks and external obstacles.