Why Create a Bucket List When You Can Build a Legacy List?

A very wise member of my Wednesday coaching group asked me what I wanted to leave as my legacy. After getting past the eerie notion that I was about to write my own obituary (a worthwhile exercise, btw), I gave the question some serious thought. No surprise, I thought about my personal legacy first. Specifically, … Read more

How Your Future Self Can Help Your Present Self

I’ve never been to a high school or college reunion. When you go to a different school every year, people tend to lose track of you. But I had a great virtual reunion recently with an old friend from my uni days. As we strolled down memory lane, mindful of knee problems and early-onset osteoporosis, … Read more

Lessons from a Former Crisis Communicator

This week’s Twitter hack got me thinking about my past career as head of public relations and communications for three major Hollywood studios. You might not think that my entertainment background would qualify me to talk about crisis communication, but you’d be surprised how much you learn when you’re the spokesperson explaining mass layoffs, lawsuits, … Read more

How’s Your Online Executive Presence?

Libby Gill Speaker

A friend told me about a client meeting he attended recently on Zoom where one of the team members was so passive that people practically forgot she was on the call. And she was one of the company’s principals! Okay, maybe she was having a bad day or dealing with a serious case of Zoom … Read more

Set the Right Tone with Your Back-to-Work Message

Every organization is unique so every organization’s back-to-work message needs to be uniquely tailored to fit the type of business, workplace culture, and COVID-19 considerations. I never thought going to the dentist could be exciting. But after 62 days barely leaving the house, getting my teeth cleaned was, well, a pleasure. The office manager set … Read more

Is Your Brand in Sync with the Times

You’ve probably noticed how institutions from Saturday Night Live to State Farm to El Pollo Loco have flipped the switch on their brands, some seemingly overnight. SNL broke new ground with their first online show featuring Tom Hanks’ monologue in his kitchen (hallway? kitchen hallway? what was that?). State Farm and other insurance carriers gave … Read more

Building Your Championship Team Through Transparency With Skip Weisman

TRC 6 | Open Book Management

  Many companies share detailed financial information with employees once or twice a year. Few companies offer training in financial literacy to their rank and file members so that they can truly understand the financial underpinnings of the company for which they work. Today’s guest Skip Weisman shares the concept of Open Book Management, where … Read more

Instilling Purpose in Your Social Media Postings With John Golden

TRC 6 | Social Media Obligations

  The Internet greatly affects the way we manage our daily lives—from how we communicate and shop to who and what we believe. With our dependence on the web, those of us who are content providers or social media influencers have an obligation to our audiences. Today, Libby Gill talks to business and sales strategist John … Read more

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