3 Quick Q’s for You

Now that spring has sprung, taxes are behind us (most of us, anyway!), and Q2 is underway, it’s time to look ahead. Get the quarter off to a great start by asking yourself three very simple questions that can put you—and keep you—on track to personal and professional success, however you define it. Here you … Read more

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs

I’d be willing to bet that it’s no coincidence that the first month of Q4 is also National Women’s Small Business Month. Both give me a sense of energy and drive, like that last caffeinated spurt as you sprint to the finish line of a huge project. In celebration of women business owners everywhere (yay … Read more

Set the Right Tone with Your Back-to-Work Message

Every organization is unique so every organization’s back-to-work message needs to be uniquely tailored to fit the type of business, workplace culture, and COVID-19 considerations. I never thought going to the dentist could be exciting. But after 62 days barely leaving the house, getting my teeth cleaned was, well, a pleasure. The office manager set … Read more

Is Your Brand in Sync with the Times

You’ve probably noticed how institutions from Saturday Night Live to State Farm to El Pollo Loco have flipped the switch on their brands, some seemingly overnight. SNL broke new ground with their first online show featuring Tom Hanks’ monologue in his kitchen (hallway? kitchen hallway? what was that?). State Farm and other insurance carriers gave … Read more

Don’t Let Limiter Language Shut You Down!

Language, whether positive or negative, internal or external, loud or low-key, is extremely powerful.  The first step toward managing communication with the Limiters in your life – those people who seem to have been put on the planet just to burst your bubble and shut down your dreams – is to recognize how that language … Read more

Reframing Risk-Taking As Opportunity

When you understand how to reframe risk-taking, you’ll stop avoiding risks and start advancing toward your dreams! Think about some risks you’ve avoided in the past.  What were the sticking points that started you down the path of avoidance?  What kinds of excuses or rationalizations did you use to back away from change?  Read through … Read more

Relax, You’re Not in the Spotlight

When I first saw the video from a leadership breakout session I conducted for members of ASAE (American Society of Association Executives), I was horrified to see my blouse untucked and my hair a-frizz. The DC humidity and an uncooperative microphone had done a number on me. But then I thought, who cares? This group … Read more

Personality & High-Performance Teams

Just like people, teams have personalities. While the nature of teams has shifted since our tribal hunter-gatherer days, teams are still one of our most crucial social structures. How we introduce hopefulness into our teams can be the difference between joyful collaboration and frustrating second-guessing. While you may not always have the luxury of hand-picking … Read more

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