Do You Have a Plan B?

A former client and now friend has just been laid off.  Her former boss thinks that "Sue" didn’t have a clue, but she did.  In...

The Kaizen Concept: Your Key to Continuous Improvement

Ever feel stuck with a challenge that seems so big you just can’t imagine reaching your goal? You think, “What’s the use? How will I...

You, the Brand

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, corporate employee or small business owner, you have a reputation and image. Once you understand that when you define your...

Suspending Your INR to GSD

Have you ever sat in a staff meeting or committee that you’re on and listened to one great idea after another get shot down by...

Immediate Negative Response – Vital but Deadly

I was recently on my weekly Mindshare meeting – this is a lot like a mastermind group, but with the emphasis on the share.  One...

Manage Your Multitasking!

If you’re still wondering whether multitasking really makes you more productive than single-focused tasking, you’re asking the wrong question.  It’s no longer a matter of...

5 Tips for Becoming a Great Mentor

When I was in the enviable albeit anxiety-provoking position of being offered two top communications jobs at the same time, I was in a total...


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