Building Your Championship Team Through Transparency With Skip Weisman

TRC 6 | Open Book Management

Many companies share detailed financial information with employees once or twice a year. Few companies offer training in financial literacy to their rank and file members so that they can truly understand the financial underpinnings of the company for which they work. Today’s guest Skip Weisman shares the concept of Open Book Management, where financial … Read more

Instilling Purpose in Your Social Media Postings With John Golden

TRC 6 | Social Media Obligations

  The Internet greatly affects the way we manage our daily lives—from how we communicate and shop to who and what we believe. With our dependence on the web, those of us who are content providers or social media influencers have an obligation to our audiences. Today, Libby Gill talks to business and sales strategist John … Read more

Providing The Right Customer Service And Having The Right Staff With Jason Cutter

TRC 4 | Customer Service

  Customer service is the apple of your product or service. Today, Libby Gill chats with Jason Cutter, the CEO and Founder of The Cutter Consulting Group about making the right customers to enroll in your service and getting them to a better place. Jason also shows how to make average salespersons great in a … Read more

Creating Measurable Impact Through The Sustainability Business With Shane Keough

TRC 5 | Sustainability Business

  Our product is our impact. Making money is equally as important, but we have to be able to make measurable impact. This is especially true for B corporations – companies that qualify for meeting the balance between purpose and profit. On today’s show, Libby Gill is joined by Shane Keough, an ex-athlete and the … Read more

Achieving Wellness With Dr. Stephen Odom

TRC 3 | Achieving Wellness

  Wellness is not a new concept, yet it continues to be a struggle for many people to achieve in life. It goes beyond looking at health physically, deep within the emotional, psychological, and overall well-being of a person. The CEO and Chief Clinical Officer of Simple Recovery and Shift Wellness, Dr. Stephen Odom, sits … Read more

Millennial Entrepreneurship: Providing Exposure Opportunities To Student Athletes In Asia With Akshay Maliwal

  Millennials tend to be unfairly stereotyped. Akshay Maliwal exemplifies why members of his generation should not be underestimated. Akshay is the founder and CEO of DreamBig.Events, a sports event company dedicated to creating tournaments and exposure opportunities for junior athletes across Asia. Extending his own successes to other young people through sports, Akshay tells … Read more

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