Earn More, Work Less with the 80/20 Rule with Perry Marshall


Business strategist Perry Marshall joins Libby in the leadership lab. Perry’s journey began when he got laid off from his job as an engineer. While his wife was three months pregnant with their first child, he decided to take a job in sales with the thought that it would be easy. It proved to be a vicious trip through the school of hard knocks. Cold calling, knocking on doors, skinny commission checks, and badgering people who didn’t want to see him. Two years later Perry discovered the art and science of direct marketing. Once he learned to position himself as an expert he never had to beg again. Perry has guided clients like FanDuel and InfusionSoft from startup to hundreds of millions of dollars and his firm has helped tens of thousands of small companies become big companies by applying advanced 80/20 to online advertising.

Libby & Perry discuss:

  • Direct Marketing (how it’s changed and how it’s stayed the same over the last 30 years)
  • Perry’s seven steps to excelling by way of eliminating
  • Why the moat is more important than the castle
  • What it means to earn $1000/hour at least one hour per day
  • A unique way to think about time when it comes to business
  • How a roofing company managed to get 300 reviews and 4.8 star average review
  • Why entrepreneurs need to be just as intensely stimulated and engaged in their recreational time as their working time

Perry has consulted in over 300 industries, has a degree in electrical engineering, and lives in Chicago.

Connect with Perry:



Detox, Declutter, Dominate: How to Excel by Elimination

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