Why Create a Bucket List When You Can Build a Legacy List?


A very wise member of my Wednesday coaching group asked me what I wanted to leave as my legacy. After getting past the eerie notion that I was about to write my own obituary (a worthwhile exercise, btw), I gave the question some serious thought.

No surprise, I thought about my personal legacy first. Specifically, doing whatever I can to ensure that my family is happy and healthy. It’s also important to me that I make an impact as a mental health advocate. But when I considered my professional legacy, I was stumped.

I’ve written books, traveled the world as a speaker, coached hundreds (maybe thousands) of professionals. In fact, this November marks the twentieth anniversary of my coaching and consulting business.

I’ve done a lot. But there’s one thing left on my legacy list that I really want to tackle…

Helping 1,000 women become successful leaders.

Keep an eye on upcoming posts to learn how I plan to help at least 1,000 women over the next three years to become successful leaders. Meantime, ask yourself these questions to start building your own legacy. Why wait?

What is the most valuable gift you have to share with others? Maybe you can teach financial literacy, boost physical health and wellness, or guide people to shift to more positive mindsets. Whatever it is, start – or continue – honing your gift.

Who can your unique gift impact the most? You might be considering a career in local politics, helping business owners conquer digital marketing, or helping teachers find an easier way to plan their daily lessons. Determine the type of individual or organization where you know you can make a difference and begin making connections.

Why build a legacy list instead of a bucket list? Sure, bucket lists are fun to create and compare with others. But they tend to be experiences to enhance your life whether jumping out of an airplane (no, thanks) or traveling to every continent (yes, please). They may make you a better person and that’s okay, of course. But legacy lists can help you decide what you want to leave to the world to make other people’s lives better. And isn’t that the best thing you can do with your life?

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