Tips from the Relationship Practitioner with Juli Geske-Peer


This week, Libby is joined by Juli Geske-Peer. Juli is the founder and president of Peer Performance Solutions, a company focused on enhancing individual and organizational performance. Her particular expertise is on facilitating exceptional leadership and relationship skills. With a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience, Juli works with companies ranging from local nonprofits to multinational organizations. They discuss what it means to be a relationship practitioner and how to leverage and improve the quality of relationships in the workplace. 

Libby and Juli share on:

  • Challenges that Juli frequently sees when people are trying to increase the quality and/or quantity of relationships
  • Relationships building for introverts vs extroverts
  • The best ways to establish trust
  • Juli’s five sense approach
  • How to improve/work on a relationship that may not be going as well as hoped
  • Relationship building in the workplace
  • And much more! 

Since beginning her career as a self-employed consultant, coach, and trainer in 2014, Juli has helped dozens of individuals and organizations enhance leadership, repair damaged relationships, find common ground, and achieve success through interpersonal improvement and financial gains.

Connect with Juli:

Order 5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena by Juli Geske-Peer

Free 45-minute coaching session with Juli: email

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