Is Your Business Lean, Luxe, or Both? with Crista Grasso


In this episode, Libby discusses going lean with Crista Grasso. Crista is on a mission to help entrepreneurs simplify success, get off the hustle hamster wheel, and run lean businesses where they optimize what’s working and eliminate anything not adding value to their clients and profit to their business. Early in her entrepreneurial journey, Crista felt like she was doing all the right things but no matter how hard she worked, her big goals and vision seemed just out of reach. Upon reflection, she realized her jewelry business was far from lean. She had scaled it way too quickly, and without having taken the time to lean out the business first, she ended up scaling noise which resulted in making everything more expensive, more difficult to manage, and more difficult to sustain. From the outside, it looked like the business was wildly successful but it wasn’t until she actually leaned out the business that the behind-the-scenes matched the outside illusion of success. This brought about the realization that so many big businesses were implementing a lean and agile way of working but so many small businesses had never heard of it. There was a whole world that they weren’t leveraging, and sadly neither was she before this epiphany. So she created the Lean Out Method (LOM), which she designed specifically with the busy entrepreneur in mind to utilize the same principles and practices that large companies had been using for decades to significantly scale beyond their competitors, skyrocket profits, and reduce complexities and overhead.

Libby and Crista discuss:

  • What the Lean Out Method is
  • Why you should be utilizing lean practices no matter what size your business is
  • Lean vs luxe, and how to be both
  • The importance and necessity of measuring
  • Why you have to be practicing lean if you want to crack the 7-figure mark in business
  • Hiring for fit over hiring for skill
  • How she went from barista to consultant overnight

Connect with Crista:

The Lean Out Your Business Podcast

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