Overcoming a Direct Hit with Kathleen Klawitter


Imagine being at the height of your career – successful and sought after – and then suffer a once in a million freak accident. Today’s guest on Libby’s Leadership Lab shares her story of exactly that along with her tips for resilience. Kathleen Klawitter is a speaker, author, resilience coach, and former LPGA Golf Pro.

Kathleen shares all about: 

  • Suffering a traumatic brain injury and what she did to rehab
  • The benefits of learning to work from within (feeling versus thinking)
  • The blessings that can happen in times of chaos
  • Why she sees her TBI as an uplifting and positive adventure
  • The magnificence and resiliency of the human brain
  • Finding empowerment through her 5-step process
  • Dynamic meditation
  • And more!

During her journey to recovery and complete reinvention, Kathleen discovered tools and techniques that transformed her life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With refreshing candor, Kathleen shares the strategies she used to reprogram her brain and re-envision her life. Even when faced with having to learn to read, write, and speak all over again, she looked at life with optimism and gratitude. Her empowering story illustrates the immense capacity of the human spirit and shows people that, with perseverance and an action plan, anyone can transform their life.

Connect with Kathleen:



DIRECT HIT: A Golf Pro’s Remarkable Journey back from Traumatic Brain Injury by Kathleen Klawitter

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