Your Behaviors Are Your Brand

When I was growing up, most people had no clue who the big deal CEOs were in this country.  In some cases, it would have been a fair bet to assume that people didn’t even know who the CEO was of the company they worked for.  In those days (and it wasn’t that long ago), it didn’t really matter. No one talked about culture or corporate values then.  As for leadership style? Forget about it!  Today we know many CEOs like they’re superstars. 

Winners Often Quit

I don’t know. Have you ever considered, you know, giving up?That could be your best solution to that stuck space you’re in.  You’re
not shocked, are you? It happens all the time.  Only most people don’t
talk about it, because we’ve been raised from our earliest years to pick
a goal and stick with it until we’ve got it nailed. Or until it nails
us. Either way, it would be a shame to actually quit, right? Not really.

Immediate Negative Response – Vital but Deadly

It’s safe to say that human beings are the most versatile species on the planet.  One reason is that we can see the obstacles in front of us – sometimes from miles away – and problem-solve those puzzles with great success.  The issue with that is that we are designed to see all of the obstacles in our path – even when the path may not have any! 

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