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Start the New Year with a Support Squad!

With the holidays already here, it's a good time to BE thinking 2014. And not just about what your goals are for 2014, but who is going to help you... Read More

Commitment to Excellence: A Universal Concept

Like many busy professionals, my work often involves crossingborders. In the last few days alone, I traveled to Bogotá, Colombia and Trinidad for speaking and training engagements. 

... Read More

Get Out of Your Head

Leadership presence is about communication. Ifyou’re not comfortable and confident communicating—or are reticent about talking in front of a group—then you’re going to have a much harder time... Read More

Leadership Lessons from the Garden

This past long weekend seemed like a great time to stop and smell the roses. Or, at least, to plant some new flowers in my garden. These are pink dahlias,... Read More

Six Tips To Get More Satisfaction from Your Job

Despite difficult economic times, multiple projects and killer deadlines, it’s still possible to find greater satisfaction on the job.  It’s all in the attitude.  Here are some things you can... Read More

Why Confidence is King (or Queen)

I just turned in the manuscript for my new book, Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share Will Follow, which comes out next June.   I found the following research on... Read More

Risk. Reinvent. Repeat.

Summer is over. School and work are back in session. Maybe you've been slowing down or even gotten completely stuck.   Don't beat up on yourself, it’s all part of... Read More

Does Your Leadership Legacy Have a Long Tail?

I know it’s hard to think about such lofty concepts as legacy these days.  So many business fires need immediate putting out or preventing.  Add to that the unhappy job... Read More

Let Go and Lead!

I spent this past Memorial Day weekend in Boston visiting colleges withmy son, who’s a junior in high school. As he’s getting ready for college and my older son is... Read More