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How Do You Measure Gross National Happiness?

My son and I recently traveled to Thailand and Bhutan, a smallland-locked country ringed by the Himalayan Mountains with China to the north and India to the south. It was... Read More

What’s Your Emotional Assignment?

January is a great time to think about the changes you want to make - not just in your life - but in the world. The first step is to... Read More

Risk. Reinvent. Repeat.

Summer is over. School and work are back in session. Maybe you've been slowing down or even gotten completely stuck.   Don't beat up on yourself, it’s all part of... Read More

The Kaizen Concept: Your Key to Continuous Improvement

Ever feel stuck with a challenge that seems so big you just can’t imagine reaching your goal? You think, “What’s the use? How will I ever get there?” Well, first... Read More

Suspending Your INR to GSD

Yes, your INR (Immediate Negative Response) keeps you safe from obstacles, but it can also keep you “safe” from your ability to GSD (get stuff done) – and it just... Read More