Six Tips To Get More Satisfaction from Your Job


Despite difficult economic times, multiple projects and killer deadlines, it’s still possible to find greater satisfaction on the job.  It’s all in the attitude.  Here are some things you can do to lighten the load for yourself and others.

1. Create workplace friendships.   Not surprisingly, studies show that people who have friends in the workplace have much greater job satisfaction than those who don’t.  Even if you don’t socialize outside of the office (though that’s okay, too) why settle for merely having co-workers and when you could be working with friends?

2. Mentor someone with less experience.  Mentoring someone on the way up can give you an enormous sense of satisfaction.  Not only do you get to be of service by giving someone else the benefit of your knowledge and experience, you reinforce your own sense of confidence in just how much wisdom you’ve gained over the years.

3.  Practice “kaizen,” or continuous improvement.  When you’re committed to continually improving your skills and contributing to the improvement of your workplace, you feel far more invested in your job.  Take  – or teach – a class or seminar where you’ll gain new skills, volunteer for a project outside your area, or start a program to benefit co-workers.

4.  Maintain a fitness routine, no matter how busy you get.  Keep your stress levels down and your immune system strong by maintaining a regular fitness practice.  Whenever possible, take some time out of your workday to hit the gym, run the stairs or walk to a lunch appointment.  Make sure you keep a big glass of water and plenty of healthy snacks on hand, too.

5.  Laugh often.  Sharing a laugh with your colleagues is one of the best ways to let off steam, reduce stress and create an office bond.  Try a “laughter yoga” class, swap stories over lunch or share an office-appropriate joke with your team.

6.  Take some time off.   Yep, no matter how much you love your work (like I do), taking time off can be incredibly rejuvenating.  Read, relax, try some great food and wine.  Here’s a photo from the deck of a winery near the village of Monforte d’Alba in northern Italy where I’m staying for a week. Ciao, bella!

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