Be Someone Who Gets It!


We all want to work with people who “get it.” By “get it,” I mean people who always add top-notch value and relevant insights, while connecting with us in a meaningful way that makes us feel heard.

In my ongoing quest to bring great value to my clients, readers, and listeners, I’ve added some leading experts to my team. I got off the phone recently with one of them, and after a brief call to set direction and deliverables, hung up and said to myself: “Boy, he really gets it!” I’m grateful to have been on the receiving end of that compliment as well, from none other than Dr. Phil, who bestowed it in the foreword he wrote to my book Traveling Hopefully.

So how can you become—or remain—one of those people who just gets it? Consider these points from my new book Capture the Mindshare on how to be invaluable:

  • Clarify your purpose. When you know who you are and love what you do, it becomes second nature to “get it”—and the right people will “get you” because your promise of value will be clear to them. The key to clarifying your purpose is to plan carefully, thoughtfully, and strategically about your core beliefs and authentic mission. Define, refine, and manage your purpose, premise, and promise, which will become your brand and will ultimately make your value in your target market clear.
  • Commit to excellence. What makes you stand out to others is a habit of excellence, to borrow from Aristotle. You can’t really “get” what someone else wants if you aren’t exceptionally devoted to understanding what they need. Think of how the top companies for customer service stand out from the also-rans. The same principles hold true for individuals: when you operate at your best, systematize excellence, and commit to your professional promises, it will be noticed.
  • “Only connect.” In order to understand what someone else wants, be it a colleague, client, or customer, you need to create an authentic emotional link with them. People who “get it” often connect with someone or something so strongly that they can “feel it in their gut” or “know it in their heart.” For a relationship to take root, it must contain that critical seed of emotional connection. Don’t just get down to business and ignore the nuances of emotion if you want to add true value.

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